Sign up to be a rep here!

Generate a referral link by creating an account with When you sign up you will receive a email with your password and a log in link. After you log in using the login link in your email there will be a creatives tab it is there where you will find your referral link.

Tell your friends to make a purchase with your referral link.

They must be registering a new account, meaning they must be a new customer, at checkout. If otherwise, you will NOT be receiving any commission.

You receive 10% for them making the purchase.

Keep in mind that payments AND orders must be fully processed in order to receive the 10%.

1 sale from referral link = 10% of funds made from products purchased from whom you referred.


Who can be a rep? Unlike most other brands our reps aren’t recruited based off followers. In this case, being a rep is open to everyone, regardless of how many followers you have. All we ask is for you to promote our brand.

How do I earn 10% from the sale? You earn your 10% by telling your friends to use your referral link. In order for you to receive the 10%, they must be a new customer purchasing from your referral link. If they aren’t, you will not receive your 10%. And if they choose to leave the website and go back to the website themselves you will not receive anything. Once you have an account with Yukey Clothing, every checkout gives you 10% off.

How do I redeem and check how much money i have? Check the “My Account” page to see how many sales you have racked up. To receive a discount/purchase something with your funds, options are given at checkout. (Keep in mind you get a V.I.P 10% off at checkout)

Any tips on getting my referral link used? 1) Post your link everywhere on social media. When more people know about your link, they’re much more likely to use it. 2) Ask your friends to personally check out our website and to use your link.